10 Best Office Chairs In India 2021 (With Buying Guide)

Nowadays, most people are working from home. The work from home is the only way people can work for the company in this pandemic situation. But, sitting in front of the computer for a long time is very difficult as it leads to back pain & other posture issues like APT.

Maintaining a comfortable posture is one important thing. But, having a comfortable chair is the most crucial thing. Any simple chair is not good for long time work on the computer. You need to buy the best office chairs in India for best comfort. Not just working from home, but these office chairs are the also suitable for office employees.

We always use best-in-class office chairs for our employees. Having a comfortable sitting posture allows the employees to work continuously without any issues. This increases overall productivity and prevents health problems. If you are looking to buy the best office chairs in India, then you are in the right place. In this post, you’ll get the list of some of the best chairs for office in India, with a detailed review. All you have to do is to check out all of the listed office chairs and choose the best one that suits your needs.

10 Best Office Chairs in India 

#1 - AmazonBasics High Back Executive Office Chair 

AmazonBasics High Back Executive Chair


  • Bonded Leather and PVC Construction
  • Padded Seat
  • Pneumatic Seat-Height Adjustment
  • 360-Degree Swivel
  • Rolling Caster Wheels 

We all know that AmazonBasics is one of the best brands in the office accessories space. The AmazonBasics High Back Executive office chair is one of the best in the market. If you are looking for a classic-looking and comfortable office chair, then the AmazonBasics High Back Executive Chair is the one that you should not ignore. It’s a high back executive chair, made with the upholstered Bonded leather.

The bonded leather provides the classic look to this product. It’s suitable for keeping it in the office cabins. The 360 degrees swivel is very smooth. Unlike other cheap products, this chair does not stutter while swivelling 360-degrees. Also, there is the pneumatic height adjustment controller, which is quite smooth. You can increase or decrease the height of this chair according to your needs. It can be raised to the height of 45.08-inches, which is quite great.

The high back construction is pretty ergonomic. The design resembles the human spine construction. When you sit on the chair and lay back, the chair supports your lumbar spine and keeps your back in the right position. As we always focus on the right sitting posture, this office chair from AmazonBasics helps you attain the right posture. Not just that, it also supports your neck, thanks to the high-back style build of this product.

The AmazonBasics High Back Executive office chair is suitable for any person weighing a maximum of 124 kilograms. It will not break if you weigh more than 124 Kilograms, but you are not recommended to exceed the maximum limit. Due to the shipping restrictions, you get this product disassembled. But don’t worry, you only have to assemble a few parts, and you’ve got your office chair ready. The simple assembly is the plus point of the AmazonBasics High Back Executive office chair.


  • Highly Ergonomic High Back Design
  • Bonded Leather and PVC Plastic Construction for Durability
  • Padded Seat for ultimate comfort
  • Executive Chair with 360-Degree Swivel
  • Rolling Nylon Caster wheels for smoothly moving around
  • Pneumatic Height adjustment with Tilt locking function


  • Faux Leather Doesn’t stand regular use
  • The swivel base is not much durable

Why is the AmazonBasics High Back Executive Chair a Great Choice? 

You can buy the best office chair in India for the ultimate comfort. AmazonBasics High Back Executive office chair provides you with the ultimate comfort. The use of Upholstered Bonded leather gives it a classic look, and the high-quality Foam padding gives you comfort. You will feel soft and squishy foam cushioning after sitting in this chair and won’t face any discomfort even after sitting for hours.

Even though this product comes in different parts, you can easily assemble it. The simple assembly is the best thing I loved about the AmazonBasics High Back Executive Office chair. Also, the one year warranty from the brand itself is very useful. It covers almost all of the manufacturer defects, and you will get the replacement.

#2 - CELLBELL C56 High Back Revolving Boss Chair 

CELLBELL C56 High Back Revolving Boss Chair


  • 4-inch Thick Padded Seats
  • Pneumatic Hydraulics for seat adjustment
  • Ergonomic design
  • Synthetic leatherette upholstery
  • Heavy-duty chrome base 

A comfortable office chair is enough for getting rid of the back pain. The CELLBELL C56 High Back revolving back chair is good for  office use and helps in reducing the back pain. If you have to sit for a long time on the chair, then the CELLBELL C56 Revolving chair is the best one for your needs. With the four-inch-thick padding, it provides the necessary comfort. Even after working for straight eight hours sitting on this chair won't feel gruesome. The high-quality thick foam padding adjusts according to the body and prevents any kind of body soreness.

The internal frame material of this office boss chair is made with the wood. The same is ergonomically designed and covered with the high quality upholstered leather material. The leather is synthetic, and not the natural one. So, if you are an animal lover, then rejoice as it doesn't have any animal leather material. The synthetic material is very high quality, and you won't get any weird feel with the same material.

The ergonomic build is what makes this product excellent. With the amazing back support, you can avoid or cure the back pain. It's a 360-degree revolving office chair. The base of this chair is made of metal chrome. The sturdy metal chrome is very strong and can carry the maximum weight of 110 kilograms with ease. The roller wheels are also made with the high-quality ABS plastic, which rolls quite smoothly. To adjust the height, you get the pneumatic height adjustment option. You can adjust the height of this chair according to your needs.

As it's an ergonomic office chair, you should not worry about comfort. The CELLBELL C56 office chair comes with the reclining option. You can recline a maximum of 105 degrees backward. The minimum is 90 degrees straight for optimal posture. But if you are comfortable, then you can recline according to your requirements. It's one of the most classy office chairs made for those who love the premium products.


  • Comes with 4-inch Thick padding on the seats for ultimate comfort
  • Comes with the Pneumatic seat height adjustments
  • 105-120 degrees tilt function for posture adjustment
  • The swivel base is sturdy and made of high-quality metal chrome


  • Synthetic Leatherite Material is of low quality
  • The high back design is not suitable for a short person

Why is the CELLBELL C56 Revolving Boss Chair a Great Choice? 

The best thing about the high-back office chairs is that it comes with the ergonomic design. The people facing back pain problems get a lot of benefit by using such ergonomic chairs. The CELLBELL C56 chair is suitable for those who want to avoid the back pain or want to get rid of the same while working. The default 90-degree angle of this chair is suitable for maintaining a proper posture.

Also, you get the reclining option for the most comfort. You can recline upto 105 degrees backwards. There is the reclining strength knob, which lets you adjust the strength of the reclining. So, if you fear to fall backwards after reclining, increasing the recline strength will help you prevent the same. That's the best feature of this product that I loved a lot.

#3 - SAVYA HOME Apex Chairs Delta Office Chair 

SAVYA HOME Apex Chairs Delta MB Umbrella Base Office Chair


  • 100KG weight capacity
  • Polymer mesh back design
  • Strong plastic armrest
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment
  • Thick padded seat
  • Smooth Nylon Caster 

If you are looking for a small and lightweight office chair for all of your employees, then the SAVYA HOME Apex Delta Office chair is the best option for your needs. It's a lightweight and affordable office chair available for the employees. When you can't afford the high-back chairs, you should get the SAVYA HOME Apex Delta Office chair. The ergonomic design and the contoured mesh back plate provides the unique look to this chair.

The contoured mesh backplate is provided to allow optimal air circulation. Many people get sweaty after sitting on the high-back leather chair. To prevent excessive sweating and allow the optimal air circulation, the mesh backplate comes to rescue. The ergonomic and curved design is suitable for lumbar support. Sitting for a long time on this chair won't harm your back muscles. If you have the back pain, then it won't elevate after sitting in this chair.

This office chair from SAVYA HOME is adjustable. You can adjust the height of this chair from 18-inches to 25-inches with the pneumatic hydraulics. The one-click height adjustment provides the ultimate convenience. Unfortunately, the Apex Delta MB chair does not support the reclining option. The two-inch thick padded foam on the seat provides the ultimate comfort. Although it's not as good as the leather seats, it provides the necessary comfort for those who are looking to work for a few hours continuously.

This is a revolving office chair, so it comes with the castors and the wheels. The High-quality Nylon caster wheels are very sturdy. The same castor and wheelset provide stability to this product. In the controlled environment, it's been tested to handle more than 100KGs of weight. But, in reality, it can work flawlessly even if the person weighs over 100KGs. So, there should be no doubt about the stability of this product. It's one of the most affordable and lightweight office chairs in India.


  • Ergonomic Polymer mesh back design provides ultimate comfort
  • Strong plastic armrest suitable for long sessions
  • 5-step Pneumatic seat height adjustment mechanism
  • Comes with 2-inch Thick foam padded seats for comfort
  • The strong non-rusting base for ultimate sturdiness 


  • Poor construction Quality
  • The backrest may cause back pain in some cases

Why is the SAVYA HOME Apex Delta MB Chair a Great Choice?

Comfort is what everyone should check in the best office chair. The Apex Delta MB chair from SAVYA HOME provides excellent comfort to the user. With the ergonomic design, lumbar support, posture maintenance and also the height adjustment makes it one of the most comfortable chairs. The manufacturer guarantees you that it won't cause any back pain problems if you sit in the chair even for long hours.

The thick padded seat helps you sit comfortably for a long time. The seat adjusts according to your hip size and shape. So, it's comfortable to sit and work for long hours. Also, the mesh design is very convenient, as it allows air ventilation. If your back always gets sweaty, then this mesh design backplate helps the air ventilation, which prevents excessive sweat. And this is the best thing I found about this product.

#4 - AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Office Chair 

AmazonBasics Low Back Computer Chair


  • Contoured Mesh Back Design
  • Pneumatic Seat-height adjustment
  • Thick Padded Seats
  • 360-Degree Swivel base
  • Smooth Rolling casters 

This is the other product from AmazonBasics that has made its way into this list. The AmazonBasics Low-Back computer chair is the simplest type of office chair you can buy. If you are not much into the high-back chairs with the excellent build quality, or you want to buy office chairs in India for the employees, then this AmazonBasics Low-Back computer chair is the best choice. You may spot this chair in many of the corporate offices as they use it for the employees and even for the visitors.

Even though it’s a basic computer chair, the AmazonBasics low-back chair comes with a lot of features. Its ergonomic design with the mesh-back plate is good for breathability. Not just that, but it has the contoured foam seat, which is comfortable for sitting for long hours. The contoured foam seat is two-inch thick, which is good enough thickness for ultimate comfort. Although, you might have to take a few breaks while working on this chair for a long time.

The back-plate of this office computer chair is fixed at 90-degrees. So, when you sit on the chair, your back is positioned in the straight position, which is good to prevent the back pain. You can adjust the seat height with the pneumatic height adjustment knob. Just pull the knob and adjust the height of this chair according to your needs.

Just like any other computer chair for the office, the AmazonBasics low-back chair comes in different parts. You manually have to assemble this chair in your home or the office. AmazonBasics does not provide any assembly support to the users. Fortunately, the manufacturer has provided clear instructions for easy assembly. In short, you can assemble this product within a few minutes. For the price tag, it’s considered as one of the most affordable office chairs in India.


  • Curved Mesh Back for comfort and breathability
  • Pneumatic Seat-height adjustment feature
  • 2-inch Thick Foam padded seats provide ultimate comfort
  • Smooth-rolling Nylon wheels provide mobility
  • Simple Assembly Process


  • The backrest is not Ergonomic and can cause back pain
  • Seat Cushion is not of good quality

Why is the AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Chair a Great Choice?

Those who love simplicity will find AmazonBasics low-back chairs useful. It’s an affordable product which misses key styling and comfort points. But it’s still usable for the majority of people. The mesh design improves breathability. For the corporate employees who work continuously for hours, this mesh design back helps to avoid getting a sweaty back.

The best thing I loved about this product is the availability of colours. The product is available in the Black, Red, Blue and Green colours. You can choose any colour you want. Also, the pricing of this office chair from AmazonBasics is very competitive, which makes it one of the most affordable office chairs in India.

#5 - beAAtho JS-1 High Back Office Executive Chair 

beAAtho JS-1 High Back Office Chair:revolving Chair:Director Chair


  • Synthetic Leatherite Material
  • Padded Armrests
  • Seat Height Adjustment
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Metal Chrome Base 

Are you looking for a chair that is made with precision and suitable for your posh office cabin? Well the beAAtho JS-1 High-back Office chair is the one that you should check out. The beeAAtho JS-1 office chair is very classic and suitable for the executive offices. If you like premium products, then you will fall in love with this product at first glance. The colourful design is very attractive, and you’ll feel very special after sitting on this chair, which is the best thing about this product.

If looks and comfort is your primary requirement, then the beAAtho JS-1 high-back executive office chair won’t disappoint you. With high-quality artificial leather, this product looks beautiful. The artificial leather is high-quality, so any wear-and-tear won’t destroy the entire cover. Also, the high-back construction is useful for those who want to maintain the sitting posture and also relax while working for a long time. For the ultimate comfort, the manufacturer has used the thick foam padding on every side of the chair.

From the seat, back and the armrests, everything is covered in the thick foam padding. It’s an office chair that comes with the high-quality Metal chrome stand. The metal chrome stand with the heavy-duty dual castor wheels provides stability to this office chair. You can revolve 360-degrees and easily move around in the office cabin without any issues. Thanks to the metal chrome stand, it can sustain the weight of 113.5 KGs without any issues. It’s the maximum weight rated by the manufacturer, but we are sure this can handle more than rated maximum weight.

Height and reclining adjustability is the best thing I found about this product. The pneumatic hydraulics height adjustment is very smooth. Just press the button, and you can adjust the height according to your convenience. Also, reclining 90 degrees to 105 degrees is very convenient. Other executive office chairs may not have the locking mechanism, but this product comes with the locking mechanism for maintaining the comfortable angle for long working shifts.


  • Made with Synthetic Leatherite Upholstery with premium looks
  • Extra-Thick Padded Armrest and Seat for ultimate comfort
  • Dual Caster Wheels provide Sturdiness
  • Heavy Duty 360-Degree Swivel Metal Chrome Base
  • Seat Height Adjustment and Recline Adjustment option


  • No Locking Mechanism for Wheels
  • The armrest is not made of quality plastic.

Why is the beAAtho JS-1 High-Back Chair a Great Choice? 

The use of high-quality material is the best thing we found about the beAAtho JS-1 high-back chair. The high-quality leather, high-quality metal chrome stands, high-quality teak wood material and every other component, is top-notch. You won’t feel like sitting on some substandard office chair. It’s great for office use, and even you can use it in your home office. The weight capacity of this chair is pretty less compared to other products. But it’s acceptable for the normal use case.

With the height and reclining options, the comfort is on another level. You can adjust the height and recline angle according to your comfort levels. Also, there is the option to lock the right angle so you can have consistent solace after sitting in this chair. If you work for more than 10 hours sitting in the chair, then the beAAtho JS-1 high-back office chair is a great choice.

#6 - Green Soul Seoul Mid Back Office Chair 

Green Soul® Seoul Mid Back Office-Study Chair


  • Breathable Mesh Back
  • Thick Moulded Seats
  • Tilt Lock with Tension Adjustment
  • Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment
  • 360-Degree Swivel Base

There are very few good mid-back chairs available in the market. But the Green Soul Seoul Mid Back office chair is one of the best in class, that comes with the breathable mesh design. This office chair is highly suitable for those who are going to work from home or office for a long time. With the thick moulded foam seat with breathable fabric, it becomes easier to sit on this chair for a long time.  

As the product comes with a mesh back and made with breathable fabric, it provides ultimate comfort to the user. For the ergonomics, it comes with the tilt adjustment with the strong locking mechanism. Also, it comes with the pneumatic height adjustment, which makes it easier for adjusting the height according to the table or your convenience. 

The use of the fibre material provides durability to this product. Almost all of the core components are made with fibre and even the armrest is made with the fibre. That’s why this chair has less weight compared to the other office chairs in India. For moving around, it comes with the 50mm caster rolling wheels and also the 360-degree swivel base. The base is quite smooth and you won’t feel any stuttering while moving around. In short, it’s the best office chair in India for those who are looking for ultimate comfort and also safety. 


  • Comes with the breathable mesh back design for breathability
  • The thick foam padding on the seat provides the ultimate comfort for long sitting hours
  • Tilt mechanism with Tilt-Lock and Tension adjustment
  • Durable Armrest made with Fiber plastic
  • Pneumatic Seat Height adjustment for convenience


  • Lower Back Support is not that good
  • Low weight-bearing capacity

#7 - Da URBAN Miller Mid Back Office Chair 

Da URBAN® Miller Medium Back revolving Office Chair


  • Double Layered Leatherette Cushioning
  • Cushioned Armrest
  • Smooth Nylon Caster Wheels
  • Swivel Chromium Metal Base
  • Tilt Adjustment, Lock and tension adjustment

If you are looking for some stylish office chair with mid backrest, then the Da URBAN Miller Medium Back office chair is highly suitable for your needs. This product comes with the double-layered leatherette material on the seat and backrest. The double cushioning provides ultimate comfort to the user while they are sitting on this chair. 

This Da URBAN Miller Mid Back office chair is quite comfortable to sit, as it comes with the Strong and cushioned armrest. You can sit comfortably with your hands on the armrest without any issues. To move around, it has the strong 360-Degree Swivel Chromium base and five smooth nylon caster wheels.

The base is made of metal and is very durable. It can handle a good amount of weight and stress. For the convenience of the users, it comes with the manual seat height adjustment option. You can easily adjust the seat height and also tilt backwards for a comfortable posture. Those don’t feel safe on the reclining chair, there is the tilt lock and tilt tension management option for safety. Another interesting thing is that the assembly process of this office chair is quite simple and anyone can do the same with ease. 


  • It comes with the double-layered faux leather material for comfort and durability
  • The armrests are also cushioned with a foam padding for comfort
  • Smooth Nylon caster wheels make it easy to move around
  • Strong metal chromium base provides the sturdiness 


  • Artificial Leatherette Material causes heating and sweating
  • Strictly suitable for medium height people
  • Quite expensive Product 

#8 - APEX Marcozy Mid Back Office Chair 

APEX Chairs MARCOZY Metal Star Base Very Sturdy Medium Back Office Chair


  • Contoured Mesh Back
  • Synchro-Tilt Mechanism
  • Pneumatic Gas Lift Seat Adjustment
  • Sturdy Chrome Metal Base
  • Five Rolling Caster Wheels 

The mid-back office chairs are very useful for people who have small and medium height. The APEX Marcozy mid-back office chair is one of the best mid back chairs for long time use in the office. It’s very suitable for the home office setup if you are doing the Work from Home. With the medium size mesh back design, you won’t get sweaty after sitting on this chair for a long time. With excellent air ventilation through the mesh design, you will not feel slight discomfort.  

The APEX Marcozy mid-back office chair comes with the Synchro-Tilt mechanism, which has the tilting function, tilt lock and tilt tension adjustment options. These tilt functions are quite useful for those who don’t want to sit straight. Just like the tilt adjustment, this chair comes with the Pneumatic gas lift mechanism for seat height adjustment. It becomes easier to adjust the seat height with the lever. 

As this is the revolving office chair, it comes with the durable 360-degree swivel chrome metal base. The base is quite sturdy and can handle a good weight with ease. Also, there are five smooth-rolling caster wheels, which allow mobility. There is no stuttering while moving around, which makes using this product a superior experience. The assembly is DIY but if you face any issues, then you can call the customer support and get the after-sales service from the company. 


  • The Contoured Mesh Back design provides comfort with breathability
  • Synchro-Tilt technology makes it easy to adjust the reclining position
  • Strong 360-Degree Swivel Chrome Metal Base
  • Five Rolling Caster wheels for smooth mobility around the premises


  • Straight Back Support might be Uncomfortable
  • No Headrest provided
  • Tilt Lock Doesn’t Work on Higher Reclining angles

#9 - TIMBER CHEESE Ergonomic Office Chair 



  • Polymer Material Contoured Mesh Back
  • Strong Plastic Armrest
  • 2-Inch Thick Padded Seat
  • Seat-Height Adjustment
  • Easy Assembly Process 

If you don’t know much about choosing the best office chair in India, then you should always prefer getting a simple-looking office chair. The TIMBER CHEESE Ergonomic office chair is a minimalistic office chair, that comes with the simplistic design. It’s made with the Copolymer material, and the black contoured mesh back design. The mesh back design provides comfort and breathability, so you won’t get drenched in sweat while working for a long time sitting in this chair. 

The TIMBER CHEESE Office chair has a strong plastic armrest. The armrest is removable, so you can remove or install it according to your needs. Unfortunately, the armrest is not foam-padded, so it might be tough to feel for some users. But, the seat is padded with a 2-inch thick layer of the foam. The foam padding provides the ultimate support to your body and sitting on it for a long time won’t cause any discomfort.  

The seat height is adjustable up to five inches. With the hydraulics lift, you can easily lift or push the seat down according to your needs. For handling and distributing the weight, it comes with the plastic umbrella-shaped base, which makes it lightweight and sturdy at the same time. Also, with the smooth-rolling casters, you should not worry about the mobility with this office chair. It’s the best one for the basic use but not for advanced users like the executives. 


  • Comes with the Hydraulics Seat Height Adjustment up to five-inches
  • Durable Plastic Base for proper weight distribution and sturdiness
  • 2-inch Thick Foam Padded seats give ultimate comfort
  • Removable Armrest makes it convenient for the users 


  • Lack of Reclining feature causes slight discomfort
  • Low-quality Seat Fabric Used and not stitched to place. 

#10 - MISURAA Xenon High Back Office Chair 

MISURAA Imported Xenon High Back Ergonomic Chair


  • Sturdy Metal Construction
  • Lumbar Support
  • Nylon Mesh Seat and Back Cover
  • Adjustable Headrest with Mesh
  • Diecast Aluminium Base
  • Synchro-Tilt Mechanism

If you are looking for ultimate comfort and don’t care about the budget, then the MISURAA Xenon High Back office chair is the best one for your needs. This is one of the best office chairs that comes with the headrest. This office chair is imported in India and is of the top-notch quality that you will definitely like.  

The MISURAA Xenon high back office chair is made with the Sturdy aluminium. The diecast aluminium is used almost everywhere in this chair to give it the sturdiness. This office chair has every aspect to allow the adjustment. It supports the seat adjustment, height adjustment, armrest adjustment, headrest adjustment and even the lumbar support adjustment according to your needs.  

The manufacturer has used the nylon mesh for the seat and backrest. The headrest is also covered in the nylon mesh. This mesh design provides better breathability compared to the leather office chairs. For the additional comfort, the armrest is padded with the thick and soft nylon pads. 

For the sturdiness and durability, the MISURAA Xenon High Back office chair comes with the diecast aluminium base, which is of the highest quality. Also, there are five heavy-duty caster wheels, which makes it easier to move around. As this is the advanced chair, it comes with the synchro-tilt mechanism, which allows reclining, locking and tension adjustment. Even though it’s an expensive product, you’d love to have it in your office. 


  • Comes with the super high-quality Diecast aluminium base with caster wheels
  • Nylon Mesh Headrest with Height adjustability
  • Breathability and Comfort with Nylon Mesh seat and backrest 
  • Supports Seat, Headrest, Lumbar Support and Armrest Height adjustment


  • Very Expensive Office Chair
  • Lumbar Support Holder Not so good
  • Nylon Mesh wears off easily

Frequently Asked Questions  

#1 - What Makes Office Chairs so Unique?

As the name suggests, the Office chairs are made especially for serving the office needs. They are made with high-quality materials and are suitable for long time usage. That’s why they are different from normal chairs and even gaming chairs.  

#2 - What are the Types of Office Chairs? 

The office chairs are available in different types. The most common are the High Back, Medium Back, Low Back, Ergonomic and the executive. These are the most common and suitable for office use. 

#3 - What is the Proper Way to sit in an Office Chair? 

The office chairs are so flexible and have different adjustments. First, you sit in the chair and then consider what types of adjustments you have to do to get comfortable. For example, there are Tilt adjustment settings for reclining, height adjustment settings and some chairs do have the armrest and headrest adjustment. Adjust them according to your needs and you’ll be able to sit in the office chair properly without compromising your comfort  

#4 - Why are Office Chairs Expensive?  

As the office chairs are specially made for office usage, they are made in the low volumes. Also, the material quality used in the construction is top-notch. That’s why they are expensive compared to the normal plastic or wood chairs that we get for using in the home.  

#5 - Are Expensive Office Chairs Worth it? 

While buying any product, the pricing is not the primary thing you should consider. The office chairs need flexibility and comfort and you should find that in the office chairs. Most of the times, the expensive office chairs do have the ultimate comfort levels and various adjustments for comfort. So, it’s worth spending money on the expensive office chairs, but it’s better to check the specifications. 

Best Office Chairs Buying Guide 

Most of us think getting the most comfortable office chair is best for the office. With a comfortable office chair, we can attain higher productivity. This thing is partially correct but not applicable to all people. While buying the best office chairs, you have to consider many things and not just comfort. If you are not sure what the process should be to buy the best office chairs, this is the all-you-need buying guide. 

#1 - Size and Dimensions 

Ideally, choosing the right size of the office chair that suits your needs are advised. But, not everyone is of the same size. You have to consider the size of the people that are going to sit in the chair. If you are buying the office chair for your own, you only have to consider your size. But choosing the chair for office use in the office premises requires considering the sizes. 

A normal Indian individual requires the office chair with the dimensions as follows. 

Height = 32-45 inches

Depth = 20-25 inches

Width = 19-24 inches

This size is suitable for a normal individual who is not overweight or underweight. Also, The height is considered according to the Indian standards and not from American Standards. For example, the athletes are heightened and if you are buying the chairs for them, then looking for a heightened office chair is the only option for you. 

#2 - Adjustments 

chair adjustments

The days of fixed office chairs are gone. Nowadays, we see the adjustable office chairs. Almost every aspect of the chair is adjustable, and we can adjust it according to our needs. As we already talked about the height, check if there are height adjustment options in the chair. 

Mostly, the advanced office chairs will have height adjustment options for those who want to have a better sitting posture. Height adjustment here means the adjustment of the overall height of the chair. It's not about adjusting the height of the backrest. There are only a few chairs that support backrest height adjustment, but such chairs are extremely expensive. 

Another adjustment that we have to consider is the reclining adjustment. You can change the office chair's orientation with ease by using the push-pull lever at the bottom. With the swivel motion, the backrest will change the angle, and you will be able to recline on the chair. With the reclining, you will get additional comfort and will be able to adjust the same according to your comfort level. Some office chairs provide a 90-degrees recline angle, which allows you to lay down flat on the chair and take a nap if you want. 

Although reclining is an advanced feature and might not be useful in the commercial environment, it is quite useful for those who are in the home office or simply the freelancers. So, if you are buying it for your employees, then ignoring the reclining settings will not impact anything. 

#3 - Cushion and Fabric 

Now we are moving to comfort. With the cushions and fabric, we have to be sure of the comfort levels. You are not going to buy the plain plastic chairs for office use but will get the comfortable ones for yourself and the employees. With the high-end cushion, it becomes easier to sit and relax on the chair for a long time. 

When you have to sit and work on the office chairs for a long time, you should not ignore the cushions. The foam cushions with upholstery and mesh design are suitable for long work hours. With the mesh design, your back or seat won't get hot and sweaty due to the air circulation. So, sitting on such chairs in the hot and humid conditions won't be an issue. 

But, the foam padding is also required for ultimate comfort. Especially the high-end office chairs that are expensive should have high-quality polyfoam padding for ultimate comfort. Pairing the foam with the upholstery fabric, which is breathable, is a killer combination. With the same, you get proper air circulation and also the comfort of the foam. 

Of course, considering just the foam or mesh design is not the final parameter for comfort. Knowing the quality of the fabric and the foam is also essential. If you are getting a foam padding office chair for cheap, then there is a huge chance of getting a chair that will wear out within a few months. Due to the low-quality foam padding and fabric, everything will wear out, and you'll get a chair that is nothing but the normal rotating chair with torn fabric and padding. In short, in affordable pricing, the mesh design chairs are best, and for premium pricing, the foam padding chairs are best suitable for your needs. 

#4 - Lumbar Support 

Improper sitting posture is nothing but dangerous for your overall health and posture. With improper sitting posture, you are going to have nothing but bad health for a long time. With the nudging back pain, you won't work properly and may invite dozens of other ailments. So, getting the office chair with proper lumbar support is essential. 

Lumbar support is nothing but back support. Here, lumber is used for the Spine. Keeping your sitting posture straight is critical. The office chairs with lumbar support have ergonomic backrests. For the first time office chair user, the lumbar support may feel a little uncomfortable, as it forces the people to sit upright all the time. But, that's essential for the proper posture if you are sitting for a long time. After a few hours, you'll find it comfortable and will feel much better with the upright posture. 

Some manufacturers are selling the chairs with lumbar support. They have straight backrests but not an ergonomic shape. As the Spine has a natural curve, the lumbar support design is curved according to the same. In short, you don't need a straight chair, but a chair with a slight curve that matches your natural spinal curve. If someone in the offline market is offering you the straight back chair claiming it as a lumbar support office chair, straightforwardly ignore the same. 

#5 - Types of Chairs 

This should be the first point, but we've decided to keep it in fifth place. There are different types of office chairs, and choosing the best one that suits your needs is an important thing. For the use in the office, we are not going to use the visitor's chairs and also not the plastic chairs. So, we are left with four popular types of chairs. 

  • High-back leather chairs  - This type of chair is very premium and looks beautiful. It provides ultimate comfort, and there is no chance of complaining about the high-back leather chairs. As the name suggests, the backrest of such chairs is very high. So, you can sit on it comfortably and also keep the head on the neck rest with ease. They are suitable for people with back pain issues and even neck pain issues. Not everyone can afford such high-back leather chairs, as they are expensive and suitable only for the executives, shop owners, and others. If you are a freelancer, then this chair will suit your needs, but you have to consider the budget. 
  • High Back Mesh Chairs  - The mesh chairs have the mesh design for proper air ventilation. People who love high-productivity prefer using the high-back mesh chair due to the design. Such chairs are lightw3eight and don't have any cushioning on the backrest. Only the seat is cushioned, which is very comfortable, and a backrest with mesh design prevents excess sweating. It's suitable for the office employees and even the boss and shop owners. Also, people with back pain and neck pain will find this product highly usable and comfortable.
  • Low Back Mesh Chairs - If you are not fascinated by the high back chairs with high-quality leather, foam, and neck support, then you'll find Low back mesh chairs exciting. With the low back mesh chairs, it becomes easier for the home professionals to work from home. Such chairs are small yet comfortable, so they are suitable as the visitor's chair or even the home office chair. Just like the high back mesh chairs, the low back chairs have everything except the low backrest and no neck rest. In short, for the budget-friendly people, the low back mesh chairs are nothing but the luxury. 
  • Medium Back Leather Chairs  - There is not much difference between the High-back leather chairs and medium back leather chairs. Except for the neck rest and high backrest, there is no difference in these chairs. The medium back leather chairs are suitable for short people. Also, those who don't have enough budget for the high back mesh chairs can definitely afford the medium back chairs. So, if your budget allows you, then buying a medium back leather chair will help you get the ultimate comfortable experience. 

#6 - Wheel Base 

Mobility is the biggest factor that separates the office chairs from the normal chairs. With the wheelbase, office chairs are able to move around with ease. Well, as every office chair comes with a wheelbase, knowing about the quality and smoothness of the wheel is one of the important factors. The wheelbase is made of chrome metal, and the wheels of HQ plastic are suitable for all surfaces. If you are looking for durability, then this wheelbase is the best thing for your needs. 

Also, different floor types require different types of wheelbases. For example, you cannot get the office chair with plastic wheels on the carpeted floor due to the risk of threads getting stuck in the wheels. Also, the metal wheels are not suitable on the plain marble floor, as there will not be enough grip on the wheels on the smooth surface. 

#7 - Pricing 

Without checking your wallets for the money, you cannot get the best office chair. Well, you can check all of the products but can buy only the ones that fit in your budget. Usually, the pricing of the office chairs start from ₹5,000 and upwards. So, you should budget more than that. Otherwise, you are going to end up with a sub-par product that's not going to last for a long time and also will be a horrible experience for the first-timers. That's why it is better to check for the user reviews online for the product and consider if it's value for money and suits your budget. 

Final Words

In these tough situations of lockdown and work from home, comfort is what we are looking for. Most of us don’t have comfortable chairs in our house that are suitable for long working hours. The office chairs are the most suitable for long working hours. Be it the work from home or the office work, and you should always choose the best office chairs in India for ultimate comfort.

With the best office chairs, you can work more efficiently. With the increased productivity, you get more rewards in the office. Also, you can complete your work before time and get more time for spending with your family. Well, that’s not the only advantage of using the office chairs. With the high-quality office chairs, there is no issue of having back pain, which irritates most of the corporate office workers.

Our staff has encountered the same issue of back pain and productivity. With the best office chairs we bought for the office use, almost everyone became happy. As the office chairs provide ultimate comfort, and the right sitting posture, everyone gets the benefits from the same. To help the others, we’ve listed these bestseller office chairs in India. You should check out all the products, compare the features, assess your needs and the budget and then choose the one that suits your requirements the best.

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